Please make sure to review the ingredients listed for each product to ensure you are not allergic prior to purchase. Also, please conduct a skin test on a small area such as the arm for 24hrs as a 2nd way to determine if you are allergic.

Mica Powder vs No Mica Powder?

If you do not want colorant in your body butter or soap products, simply notate that at checkout, email, or let us know via chat and we will oblige. 

What if I made a mistake on address?

What if I forget something for my address or put the incorrect address? Unfortunately, any form of an invalid address will be instantly cancelled and added back to our website for repurchase. Due to the craziness with the mailing because of COVID, we cannot the guarantee the correction of addresses. So please be to do a quick check behind yourself to make sure all info is correct.


When will my order ship?

Please allow 2-5 Business Days to process order (the time it takes to actually make order as the orders are made fresh)(excluding weekends & holidays).


United States orders shipping via USPS 1st Class typically *ranges between* 1-9 business days per the last check with USPS(as always that can change with them)






Shipping vs Processing?

Processing is the time it takes for us to process your payment and make your order. Shipping is how long it takes your order to be physically delivered to you.


How long will my lashes last?

With proper care, your lashes should lash up to 25 wears.


How long will body butter last?

Our body butters are all completely natural with ZERO preservatives. Due to this, our body butter shelf life is up to one year(which after you try it you will fall in love with it and wear it all the time so it will never make it to a year lol)


What happens if my body butter melts during transit?

Simply place the body butter in the fridge until it solidifies. Or sit it out at room temperature (away from the sun/window) to solidify.