Meet The Ceo


Hello Spiritual Beauties💋💋

Just a young Spiritual Melanated Queen from Virginia. I started Enyioko & Co. as a company looking to empower women, who are spiritual, to still embrace their “sexy” or their “fly”. As we travel on this journey we refer to as “life” we learn important & valuable things along the way.... If we are lucky & open to learn, that is!!!!! I simply want to empower women, women especially, women of color.... to ALWAYS love, nurture, and most importantly KNOW THEMSELVES. Never be afraid to trust yourself, your journey, and your process!!! And who’s to say you cannot be sexy and fly doing it?! I sure didn’t!!!! Stay FLY sis!!!! Meditate(or pray if that’s what you do), drink your water, and be 100% authentically YOU always!!! F#%$ what those who struggle to understand you, but judge you think. Always be the trend instead of joining one. Never let anyone peer pressure you on this journey, no matter who it is! Hopefully, you enjoyed our website and found something useful while you were here.